Don't Say These Things

Words matter. Be intentional in what you say. Whatever you say, don't say to a co-worker or customer one of the seven phrases listed below. The quickest way to be more organized and to achieve success is to eliminate the excuses and negatives. Be persistent and assertive and you will find that you will accomplish more than you ever have before.

Here are seven phrases to avoid:

1. "I didn't have time." If you find yourself saying this, you're writing your business obituary, and will be replaced shortly.

2. "We've been playing telephone tag." Be persistent. Do whatever is necessary to make contact.

3. "They didn't get back to me." Or "They are getting back to me."  Or "I left him a message." All are equally bad.  Expecting someone to get back to you stops the action. Take the initiative and call back, several times if needed. Be persistent and assertive.

4. "It's scheduled for sometime next week." Schedules should be precise, day and time, and preferably written. Verify schedules often.

5. "As I understand it . . ." You're hedging and that's trouble. Ask more questions, so you do fully understand and can explain it to anyone you need to.

6. "I just assumed . . ." A good way to become instantly obsolete.  Never assume; ask questions and follow up on a regular basis.

7. "I didn't think to ask about that." Anticipating what needs to be done is part of running an successful business.

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