Consulting and Coaching

With our Consultation and Coaching Services . . . your life just got easier. With over forty years in the fitness industry we understand there are many tasks and challenges you don’t enjoy doing. This service will allow you to relax, knowing that you have a team member that is a phone call away. 

Whether you're new to the fitness industry or a seasoned veteran, with our Consultation and Coaching Services you will have complete access to seasoned fitness professionals (40 years and counting) to discuss your special needs and/or daily challenges. 

We’ve been in the trenches:
  • We've negotiated with the landlords
  • Solved maintenance issues
  • Trained the staff
  • Handled member problems and suggestions
  • Come up with the promotions
  • Solved staff problems
  • Designed the systems and forms
  • Negotiated with creditors, and more.
Give us a call at 925-672-4800 or email us at for more information.