Front Desk Control

In this manual you will learn your Front Desk Staff person plays a pivotal role in the fitness facility. They have a very important job and with it comes many responsibilities. They are in charge of:

First impression of the fitness facility.
Communications between the members and the management.
Being the pivotal point between the outside world and the inside world to your members.
Serving as a crucial point for all incoming communications from the outside world.
They are a key contact between member prospects and the actual sales process.
They serve as a sounding board for most member satisfaction and dissatisfaction.
In many instances,  they are the snack bar and pro-shop sales personnel.

All of this, and much more, should demonstrate how important the front desk staff is to the fitness facility. As you will see, they play a significant role in the following areas as well as in others:

New membership sales
Membership retention
Membership communications
Pro shop sales/snack bar
Fitness facility programming
Public relations

In this book you will:

Learn what their job is and what is expected of them.
Gain an understanding of the importance of a professional image and exceptional customer service.
Be shown how to properly handle the telephone, walk-ins, and perspective members.
Receive helpful tips on how to deal with difficult people, security and 
        safety issues.

Upon completion of this book, it will be clear how important the front desk is to the fitness facility. A well-run front desk benefits the fitness facility in many positive ways. 

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Front Desk Control Manual


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