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Class Etiquette Matters

for All Group Exercise Participants

Whether you're the new student in the class or a seasoned veteran, proper class etiquette can help make group exercise classes a positive experience for you, your fellow students, and your Instructor. 

Be aware of your surroundings and try to focus your attention on the following list of “do’s” and “don’ts” when participating in a group exercise class. 

Do You Own Part of the Exercise Floor? If you're a new member, or new to a certain class, you'll notice that some class participants have a regular spot to which they gravitate. Avoid being an "exercise floor squatter." Realizing that some students may need to stand right next to the instructor to see the instructor’s moves, or stand away from the sound system to hear the music and voice commands adequately, find a comfortable spot that is not yet "occupied" to call your own for that class. When returning to take the same class, or a different class, don’t assume or request that somebody move from the space you had previously just because you were in that space the prior day or week, or have made it your space the past ten years. 

Respect Other Students' Personal Space. Once you find your special spot on the exercise floor, take care not to invade someone else's space when you move around during the class. Make sure you can move freely without bumping into your neighbor. Look around to see what seems an adequate distance from other exercisers. 

Yap, Yap, Yap. Nothing can disrupt a workout more than nonstop talking. When you are trying to focus on performing exercises correctly, continued talking from another student disturbs your concentration and can be downright irritating and dangerous! It's fine to talk to the instructor and other students, but know when to take a break. Make sure others get a chance to talk, too. 

Maintain a Positive Attitude. Exercise is hard work and you need to accept that taking a class is not always enjoyable. Instead of complaining about how hard the class or moves are, accept that it was your decision to take the class in the first place. Take a water break if you really can't stand a certain segment of the class. If you find yourself wanting to complain during every session, find another class you enjoy more. 

Enthusiasm is Contagious. Look around the room; those who are bright eyed and excited show it. Excitement is contagious, so do your best to keep things positive and you’ll feel the energy around you, which will make your class experience more enjoyable. 

Interact with Other Participants. If you pop into class just before it starts and hurry home right afterward, you miss out on a lot. Class is an opportunity to make friends, meet new business acquaintances, and learn from other students. Getting to know others also makes class more fun! 

Me, Myself, and I. During class, feel the music and enjoy yourself. Allow yourself to bring your own style to the movements, and pay attention to how your body feels as it moves. This focus can help you become more aware of your body and improve your workout. 

Housekeeping and Cleanup. Look around after class. Have you remembered to take everything you brought with you? Did you wipe up that puddle of sweat on the floor or on the last set of hand weights you used? Have you tucked away towels and sweatbands in your bag? Did you toss any used tissues or paper cups in the trash? 

Expressing Your Individuality. Refrain from wearing heavy perfumes and deodorants to class. They may not bother you, but other students may suffer from allergies or asthma. Strong odors can make the atmosphere miserable for those affected by these conditions. 

Communication, Communication, Communication. Let your instructor know if you need to run in late during the warm-up, alter your workout from the norm, or avoid certain exercises. This will help the instructor understand why you're doing what you're doing, and the instructor might have helpful suggestions for your particular situation. 

So now that you’ve read “Class Etiquette Matters,” ask yourself how many of these “do’s” and “don’ts” are you practicing on a regular basis? If you didn’t score well, don't worry, just be aware of them and try to improve. The bottom line is if we all work together and are considerate of each other, group exercise classes will be more enjoyable for all to participate in for years to come.

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Group Exercise Class

Basic Rules & Guidelines

Below, you will find several basic rules and guidelines we will need your cooperation with.

Steps, bands, hand weights, trampolines, and other training equipment will be on a first come first served basis and members will not be allowed to reserve this equipment for other members.

Members will not be allowed to start a class late without the proper warm-up.

Other equipment will not be allowed during a specific class times.

All equipment must remain on the exercise floor and cannot be removed from that area for any reason.

Members will not be allowed to secure equipment while another class is in progress.

Equipment for a specific class can only be secured once the class has completely ended.

Your cooperation with the above rules will be greatly appreciated and will make the classes a big success. We hope you will enjoy the classes and please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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Group Exercise Instructor 

Policies and Procedures   

Welcome! You will find being an instructor at [Company] to be both rewarding and challenging.  These policies and procedures set forth many of the terms and conditions of your engagement as an instructor.

Let’s Get Started:  Since we are in the health and fitness industry, we must exemplify optimum physical standards and personal habits.

               APPEARANCE - Athletic and neat.

               PERSONALITY - Outgoing, warm, friendly and energetic.                                      

We must teach proper technique for warm-up, cardiovascular, stretching, cool down, and relaxing exercises in a motivating, informative and cautious way.  Be aware of your participant’s over-exertion, muscle injury, and other physical difficulties.  Assist new class participants with their moves and answer all their questions.

Please make announcements of our club’s activities and special events prior to teaching your class. (Announcement information will be posted next to the stereo).

Our ultimate goal is member satisfaction. Therefore, we will not tolerate lateness or no shows.  

The following are [COMPANY]’s guidelines for all class instructors:


All new instructors will be on probation for 90 days.  The purpose for this is to allow you to determine if this is truly the right position for you and to allow [COMPANY] to determine if you are fitting into our requirements.  At the end of 90 days, a review will be scheduled to assess your progress.  There is no guarantee during or after the 90 days of your continuation as an instructor.


First time:  A verbal Warning

Second time:  Disciplinary action may be taken

Third time:  Subject to termination of employment:                         


All in house training will be provided to you at a minimal cost.  Please be aware that similar training through outside classes would cost hundreds of dollars.  As a result of your training, which is a valuable benefit, we would expect a minimum commitment from you of at least 6 months as an instructor.


At your own expense current CPR certification is required.  New instructors have 2 months to obtain a CPR certificate, which must be submitted to the club management.


National certification is recommended and required unless approved by [COMPANY] because of prior experience or demonstrated skill.  If you are not currently certified, see your group exercise coordinator or club manager for more information on certification preparation and testing.


[Company] encourages you to seek new ways to develop your teaching skills.  This allows us all to better serve our community.  We will be hosting workshops and seminars and where possible will get discounts for our instructors to attend outside workshops.


Please plan on one mandatory meeting per quarter.  The meeting will be posted in advance. If you do not attend these meetings, it will show a lack of interest in our program, and your self-improvement. 


The vision of [COMPANY] is to promote a community where members can expand their fitness horizons in an environment that instills unity.  An effective way to do this is to take a class a month at [COMPANY] so you get to know the students that attend other classes.  Instructors should always introduce themselves to class participants and let them know when they will be teaching their next class. Promote each other, making appropriate suggestions to students on which classes to take that will enhance their overall experience.  Ask questions about what classes they would like to take and try to make a match with someone else.  Introduce other instructors to your students.  Always try to introduce new members to other class participants and make sure they comfortably fit in.  


If you have a problem or criticism with or about an instructor, club staff, management or member, bring that problem immediately to your group exercise coordinator or manager in private.

Anyone who makes derogatory remarks about the club to other staff members and club members will be subject to immediate dismissal.  All grievances should be discussed with the club manager in private.  Negative remarks only lead to negativity toward you, the club and everyone who works there.  They simply will not be tolerated.

[Company] wants problems solved as quickly as possible.  There is nothing worse than a festering problem that upsets everyone.  You deserve to have problems solved quickly and fairly.


All instructors need to provide a schedule of available times they can teach and sub.  This will help eliminate calls to people who are obviously not available because of other commitments.  Please make sure that you make several attempts to find subs for your classes.  The club management should only be asked to assist you in your efforts if you have been unsuccessful in your attempts or if you have an emergency.  


If you move or change phone numbers at home or work, please notify your group exercise coordinator or club manager of the changes as soon as possible.


Management will counsel instructors when their class attendance falls or if there are complaints.  If poor attendance continues or declines further, your group exercise coordinator or manager may reassess the situation and discuss alternatives with you.


Class times and assignments can be changed at any time by [COMPANY].  However, [COMPANY] will try to give you as much lead-time as possible. (2 weeks would be considered normal).  Be sure to watch for posted schedules and keep in touch with the club management for holiday and special scheduling.  Our goal is to settle on class schedules and stick with them.  Members want stability and are turned off by too many changes.  Class schedules for [COMPANY] are available onsite and on the website at


After you finish teaching, it is your responsibility to see that all steps/risers and other equipment is put away properly.  Additionally, please be gentle when putting the backpack/headset on and taking it off.  If you have problems with the equipment, please notify a manager immediately.


Fill out an instructor time sheet ((located in file next to the stereo) and turn in on the 15th of each month to be paid on the 25th, and the last day of each month to be paid on the 10th of the following month.  Make sure the invoice is accurate and complete.


In order to ensure efficient operation of [COMPANY]’s business and to prevent annoyance to members or employees, it is necessary to control solicitations and distribution of literature on Company property.  [COMPANY] supports instructor endeavors to further their personal careers related to fitness and dance.  Any personal promotions must be approved by management before posting or distributing literature or promotional materials. All promotions must be done on instructor time not [COMPANY] class time.


[COMPANY] is in the business of encouraging and helping people lead healthy, active lifestyles, so of course we want to do the same for our instructors.  As an instructor, you receive a complimentary club membership for yourself during your association with [COMPANY], along with special discounts on apparel, and other services we may offer.  Since a member’s satisfaction and club use always take precedence, please follow these simple guidelines when working out and when receiving a discount:

1.) Never use the last piece of any type of equipment in the fitness center or the last step bench or place in an aerobics class.  Other aerobic classes may be attended as space allows.

2.) You should park your cars in the farthest parking spot from the front doors during busy hours.

3.) All instructors will receive a thirty percent (30%) discount when purchasing [COMPANY] apparel, products, and special classes.  (Discount benefits can only be used for instructor’s personal use.

4.) You may sign-up an immediate family member on a regular club membership. Immediate family includes spouse, children, and parents only.  No exceptions. They will receive two extra months free and waive the entire registration fee.  The dues and term of the membership agreement will remain the same.


You may bring a guest with you to work out at the club.  However, your guest must remain under your guidance at all times and will be expected to follow the same rules and guidelines that you are.  Your guests will be required to fill out a Guest Registration and sign the Guest Sign-In Sheet.  Your guests may not use the club while you are working.

__________________________________        _______________


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Group Exercise Instructor - Self-Evaluation

1. WHAT TYPES OF CLASSES ARE YOU CURRENTLY TEACHING? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

2. WHAT TYPES OF CLASSES WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED IN LEARNING TO TEACH? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

3. IN WHAT AREAS OF INSTRUCTION DO YOU FEEL WEAK? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

4. IN WHAT AREAS OF INSTRUCTION DO YOU FEEL STRONG? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

5. WHAT DO YOU FEEL IS YOUR "FIRST PRIORITY" ON IMPROVING OR CHANGING YOUR CLASS? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

6. IF YOU COULD CHANGE ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR CLASS FORMAT, WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

------ Document 5 ------

Independent Contractor Agreement - Group Exercise Instructor

This Agreement is entered into as of the [Date Number] day of [Month], [Year], between [Company Name] (“the Company”) and [Service Provider’s Name] (“the Contractor”).

The Contractor will provide “per hour” Group Exercise Instruction to the Company under the terms and conditions as listed below.


This Contract becomes effective the day it is signed by both parties. It continues in effect until terminated in accordance with the provisions specified in item #7 below, Termination of Contract.


It is the express intention of the parties that the Contractor is an Independent Contractor and not an employee, agent, joint ventured, or partner of the Company or any of its affiliates. Nothing in this Contract shall be interpreted, expressed, implied, or construed as creating or establishing the relationship of employer and employee between the Company and the Contractor or any employee or agent of the Contractor.

The Contractor will receive a 1099 at year-end mailed to their last known mailing address for the purposes of paying their Local, State, and Federal Taxes, including Social Security. The Company does not pay any tax liabilities whatsoever in connection with the services provided. The Contractor has no employment relationship with the Company, and is not entitled to typical employee benefits, including Unemployment Insurance, Worker’s Compensation, Disability Insurance, Health and Life Insurance, and/or vacation or sick leave.

The Contractor retains the right to provide services to others during the term of this Contract and is not required to devote their services exclusively to the Company.

The Contractor agrees to have and maintain current CPR Certification and nationally accredited Group Fitness (Exercise) Instructor Certification. Nationally accredited Personal Training Certifications may stand in lieu of Group Fitness Instructor Certification, contingent upon the Group Fitness Director’s evaluation of the Contractor’s group leadership skills.

The Contractor agrees to have instructor certification specific to the programs or classes to be provided. Prior instruction experience and proven program expertise may stand in lieu of certification, contingent upon the Group Fitness Director’s evaluation of the Contractor’s skills and abilities.

The Contractor understands that the Company is not under any obligation to provide any training for the service(s) rendered by the Contractor.


The Contractor agrees to conduct various types of group fitness classes, designed to improve cardiovascular fitness, muscular conditioning, and/or increase flexibility, offered by the Company to its members.

The Contractor agrees to conduct classes according to the Industry-recognized safety standards set by ACSM, ACE, AFAA, and NASM. The Contractor is otherwise solely responsible for determining the method and means of providing the above-described services, including, but not limited to, personal attire, mix of music, and/or class choreography.

The Company agrees to furnish space at a designated Company fitness facility for use by the Contractor while performing above-described services.

The Contractor agrees to conduct group fitness classes on the day and time as published on the Company Group Fitness Class Schedule and/or any the Company-approved material promoting the class being offered.

The Contractor shall apply for changes or substitutions in the type, timing, or description of instruction rendered at the Company in writing to the Group Fitness Director. Changes can be initiated only with the verbal or written approval of the Group Fitness Director.

The Contractor may use a Substitute, as they deem necessary, in order to perform the services required of the Contractor by this Contract. Performance of any service required by this Contract by a Substitute shall be subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. The Contractor shall be solely responsible for arranging their own Substitute and agrees to notify the Company of any substitution in advance by advising the Group Fitness Director verbally, by email, and/or in writing. The Company Group Fitness Director shall provide the Contractor, on a regular basis, the most current list of the Company-approved Contractors.
2. The Contractor shall provide the Substitute with all information and procedures necessary to successfully perform the service, including but not limited to, the location of all necessary equipment, keys, headphones, microphones, Sign-In Sheets, Invoice Summary Sheets, and invoicing procedures.
3. Any Substitute personally retained by the Contractor who does not have their own active Independent Contractor Agreement with the Company shall be deemed to be acting as an agent or employee of the Contractor and shall be subject to all of the terms and conditions set forth in this Contract, including, but not limited to, invoicing the Company for substitute services rendered.


A service shall be considered performed or rendered when the service or class was conducted, as agreed upon, regardless of the number of participants. Services or classes cancelled or not performed because of civil or military authority, act of public enemy, accidents, fires, explosions, or acts of God, including, without limitation, earthquakes, floods, winds, or storms shall not be compensated. In consideration of the services to be provided by the Contractor to the Company, the Company agrees to pay the Contractor an hourly rate based on the average number of students per class (“Monthly Class Average”). See Addendum A, Compensation, for details.

In the event that the service provided is either less than or greater than 1 hour, the hourly rate will be pro-rated based on the decimal equivalent of the time relative to 1 hour. For example, a thirty-minute class will be paid at 0.5 times the hourly rate. A 1 hour, 15 minute class will be paid at 1.25 times the hourly rate.

The Contractor may elect a flat rate of [$00.00] per hour for the first month of a new class or for their first month of service. At the conclusion of this first month, the regular Monthly Class Average rate formula will apply.

It is the Contractor’s responsibility to submit the Invoice Summary Sheet for services rendered. Sign-In Sheets must include the name of the Contractor, name of Class, the Day, Date, Time, and the Number of Students for each class taught. Payment of invoices will be made according to the following schedule:

 Services Rendered Invoice Submitted Payment made
1st – 31st by 2nd of next month 15th of the month submitted

The Contractor shall be responsible for keeping and maintaining their own records regarding services rendered, invoices submitted, and payments made. The Company may withhold or delay payment of invoices for improperly documented, incorrectly submitted, or late submitted Invoice Summary Sheets and/or Sign-In Sheets.


The Contractor shall be responsible for all costs and expenses incurred by rendering services for the Company, including but not limited to all costs of equipment provided by the Contractor, travel expenses, communication expenses, professional fees, fines, liability insurance, bonds, or taxes required of or imposed on the Contractor by Local, State, or Federal agencies and/or any other costs of doing business. The Company shall not be responsible for any expenses, costs, or taxes of any kind incurred by the Contractor in providing services for the Company.

Unless otherwise specified in this Contract, the Contractor will supply all tools, props, and/or instruments required to provide services under this Contract, including but not limited to personal attire, music, and choreography. The Company shall not be required to provide but shall allow the use of equipment in its facility only as it relates to the type of service or class being performed by the Contractor. The Company shall provide equipment for services or classes that specifically require or are entirely about the use of a certain type of equipment, such as Steps or Bands; and a stereo/audio system with microphone for classes or services that require the use of music. The Contractor shall be required to report any defective, broken, or worn out equipment to the Group Fitness Director. Upon unsuccessfully locating/contacting the Group Fitness Director, the Contractor will log all defective, broken, or worn out equipment in the facility Maintenance Binder located at the front desk.

The Contractor agrees to indemnify and hold the Company, its management, employees, agents, officers, and/or affiliates harmless against any and all liability imposed or claimed, including attorney’s fees and other legal expenses, arising directly or indirectly from any act(s) or failure of the Contractor or the Contractor’s assistants, substitutes, employees or agents. This includes all claims relating to the injury or death of any person or damage to any property arising from any actions of the Contractor while providing services for the Company. The Company strongly recommends that the Contractor maintain their own professional liability insurance, with the Company named as an additional insured, for a minimum amount of $1,000,000 to cover any such claims.

The Contractor agrees to provide Worker’s Compensation Insurance for their own employees and agents and agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the Company, its management, employees, officers, and affiliates for any and all claims arising out of any injury, disability, or death of any of the Contractor’s employees, substitutes, or agents.

This Contract may be terminated without cause upon submission of a thirty-day written notice by either party.

This Contract shall terminate automatically upon the occurrence of the bankruptcy, insolvency, death, or sale of business of either party.

Should the Contractor default in providing services under this Contract or materially breach any of its provisions, the Company, at its exclusive option, may terminate this Contract immediately by giving written notification to the Contractor at their last known mailing address. For the purpose of this paragraph, material breach of this Contract includes, but is not limited to, the following circumstances:

The Contractor is not qualified to provide services for the level of class or does not have current certification(s).
The Contractor fails to start and/or end a Group Fitness class as published.
The Contractor repeatedly fails to appear for a class and fails to secure a qualified substitute.
The Contractor consistently averages fewer than 10 participants per class.
The Contractor fails to conduct a class safely or professionally.
The Contractor falsifies a Sign-In Sheet and/or Invoice Summary Sheet.
The Contractor defames the Company, its management, employees, or affiliates in any way, either orally or in writing.
The Contractor’s conduct results in repeated and/or numerous complaints by the Company members.


Any notice required under this Contract must be in writing and can be accomplished either by hand delivery or mail, registered or certified, postage prepaid. Mailed notices shall be addressed to the parties at the addresses appearing on the Signature Page of this Contract. If either party changes their address, written notice of such change must be given immediately to the other party. Notices delivered by hand are deemed communicated as of actual receipt. Mailed notices are deemed communicated as of three days after mailing.

If any provision in this Contract is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, void, or unenforceable, the remaining provisions will nevertheless continue in full force without being impaired or invalidated in any way.

If the Contractor dies prior to completion of the Contract, any monies that may be due the Contractor from the Company under this Contract as of the date of death will be paid to the Contractor’s executors, administrators, heirs, personal representatives, successors, or assigns.

The Contractor agrees to file all necessary governmental documents, including appropriate tax returns, reflecting their income and status as an Independent Contractor for the services rendered to the Company. Should any governmental agency audit the files of the Company and request information about the Contractor, the Contractor agrees to immediately furnish the Company with any records, including tax returns, relating to the services rendered to the Company.

Neither party shall be deemed to be in violation of the Contract if they are prevented from performing any of their obligations hereunder due to civil or military authority, act of public enemy, accidents, fires, explosions, or acts of God, including, without limitation, earthquakes, floods, winds, or storms.

Both parties agree to arbitrate any controversy between them involving the construction or application of any of the terms, covenants, or conditions of this Contract. This Contract shall be governed by and construed under [State] Law. The arbitration will comply with and be governed by the provision of the [State] Arbitration laws. The arbitrator’s decision will be final and conclusive on both parties.

This Contract confirms the terms of the oral agreement and supersedes any and all other contracts, whether oral or written, between the parties regarding the Contractor’s services to the Company. It also contains all the covenants and agreements between the parties regarding the rendering of such services in any manner whatsoever. Each party to this Contract acknowledges that no representations, inducements, promises, or agreements – oral or otherwise – have been made by any party, or anyone acting on behalf of any parties, which are not contained in this Contract. If there is any agreement, statement, or promise not in this Contract, it shall be void, invalid, and non-binding. Any modification of this Contract will be effective only if it is in writing and signed by both parties.

The Company and Contractor entered into this Contract on at , [State]

Date and Year Location

The Company The Contractor

Signature Signature
Print Name Print Name
------ Document 6 ------

Independent Contractor or Employee?

Which is the right one?

For federal tax purposes, this is an important distinction. Worker classification affects how you pay your federal income tax, social security and Medicare taxes, and how you file your tax return. Classification affects your eligibility for employer and social security and Medicare benefits and your tax responsibilities. If you aren’t sure of your work status, you should find out as soon as possible. 

The courts have considered many facts in deciding whether a worker is an independent contractor or an employee. These relevant facts fall into three main categories: 

behavioral control 

financial control and 

relationship of the parties. 

In each case, it is very important to consider all the facts – no single fact provides the answer. Carefully review the following definitions.

Behavioral Control - These facts show whether there is a right to direct or control how the worker does the work. A worker is an employee when the business has the right to direct and control the worker. The business does not have to actually direct or control the way the work is done – as long as the employer has the right to direct and control the work. For example: Instructions – if you receive extensive instructions on how work is to be done, this suggests that you are an employee. Instructions can cover a wide range of topics, for example: How, when, or where to do the work, what tools or equipment to use what assistants to hire to help with the work, where to purchase supplies and services. If you receive less extensive instructions about what should be done, but not how it should be done, you may be an independent contractor. For instance, instructions about time and place may be less important than directions on how the work is performed with training about required procedures and methods, this indicates that the business wants the work done in a certain way, and this suggests that you may be an employee. 
Financial Control - These facts show whether there is a right to direct or control the business part of the work. For example: Significant Investment – if you have a significant investment in your work, you may be an independent contractor. While there is no precise dollar test, the investment must have substance. However, a significant investment is not necessary to be an independent contractor. Expenses – if you are not reimbursed for some or all business expenses, then you may be an independent contractor, especially if your unreimbursed business expenses are high. Opportunity for Profit or Loss – if you can realize a profit or incur a loss, this suggests that you are in business for yourself and that you may be an independent contractor.

Relationship of the Parties - These are facts that illustrate how the business and the worker perceive their relationship. For example: Employee Benefits – if you receive benefits, such as insurance, pension, or paid leave, this is an indication that you may be an employee. If you do not receive benefits, however, you could be either an employee or an independent contractor. Written Contracts – a written contract may show what both you and the business intend. This may be very significant if it is difficult, if not impossible, to determine status based on other facts.

The status of a worker as an employee of a company rather than an independent contractor is important for determining who is to pay the payroll taxes or to wage withholding taxes. If the worker is considered an independent contractor, then the employer would not withhold any taxes from the independent contractor's payments. The employer would provide the independent contractor with gross sums and would submit a 1099 tax form to the IRS reflecting its payments to the Independent Contractor. It would be the Independent Contractors responsibility to maintain its own records and file its forms independently.

If the worker is considered an employee, then the employer is responsible for paying social security, Medicare, and unemployment (FUTA) taxes on the wages. The employer must provide a Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement at the end of the year, showing the amount of taxes withheld from the employees pay.

Visit the IRS web site at,,,id=99921,00.html for more detailed information on this subject.

------ Document 7 ------

Monthly Instructor Checklist

Do I need a new routine or fresh choreography?

Is my class format consistent (including my subs)?

Am I offering variety?

Do I need new music?

Am I Considering the capabilities and needs of individual class members?

Am I interacting with my class in a friendly and caring way?

Am I passing on helpful fitness or health-related information to participants?

Am I modifying steps/moves?

Am I coaching participants?

Am I addressing problems, complaints and suggestions in an appropriate manner?

Am I regularly announcing posted club activities to demonstrate my interest in the club, its functions and members?

Am I careful not to make reference to competing fitness clubs? 

Am I promoting my classes as well as those of other instructors? 

Am I upbeat and energetic - I recognize my attitude can influence the performance of the entire class.

Am I cleaning the microphone windscreen after each use and properly inserting the microphone into its pouch?

Am I considerate to club members with the sound level of my music and microphone?

Am I being good to myself and adequately addressing my own needs, i.e., health, stress, and family?

Am I having fun teaching my classes?

------ Document 8 ------

Group Exercise Instructor


INSTRUCTOR _______________________ DATE ___________________________ MANAGER _____________________________

Equipment Set-Up
Correct Form
Substitute Notification
Training Attendance
Class Interaction
Class Format

------ Document 9 ------

Group Exercise Program - Physician’s Exercise Clearance Form

(Please return this form once completed and signed by your physician)

The Group Exercise Programs at [Company Name] are professionally supervised. Participants meet for one hour twice a week. The emphasis of the class is on strength training and aerobic training. The strength training typically consists of sets of 8-12 repetitions on a variety of strength training machines, free weights and floor exercises. It is recommended that the aerobic training be done at a “moderate” intensity, about 60-70% of heart rate reserve for 15-30 minutes. However, the participants may select to work at a higher intensity if it is appropriate. The programs include cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility exercises, muscular strengthening exercises, and instruction on body mechanics and balance exercises as needed. 

Our staff is concerned about our participants. We ask that every person who enrolls in our exercise programs fill out a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire. According to the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines, any participant who is a male and over 45 years of age or female and over 55 years of age or have previous medical conditions need physician approval to begin and participate in an exercise program.

Your patient __________________________________ has indicated in their Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire that they have one or more medical risk factors, which may impair their ability to exercise safely. For this reason, you are being asked to complete the following information before your patient can participate in our program.

Patient: ______________________ Patient’s Home # __________________________ Wk# _______________________ Date of last physical examination: _______________ 

Based upon your medical knowledge of this patient, please list any restrictions he or she must follow. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

If you do not concur with your patient’s participation in an exercise program, please list the reasons why below.

Based upon my medical knowledge of ___________________________________ and subject to any restrictions listed above, I am unaware of any condition that would preclude he/she from participating in this exercise program.” 

_________________________________________    ___________________________ 
Physician’s Signature Date

------ Document 10 ------


Guidelines for Finding Substitute Instructors

1. After determining the class or classes you need covered, use the [Company Name] instructor directory to contact instructors who may be able to teach your class. 

2. Upon finding a substitute, call [Company Name] (555-1234) to inform the front desk staff of the changes in your schedule. This will allow them to post the name of the instructor filling your class. 

3. If you are unable to make arrangements for a substitute after placing the appropriate calls, call [Company Name] for assistance. 

4. If you need a substitute on an emergency basis, or if you are unable to make calls to locate an instructor, call the [Company Name] staff for assistance. 

5. You may post notes in the staff book for substitute recruitment as long as you make follow-up efforts to locate an instructor and notify [Company Name] as to your schedule changes.

------ Document 11 ------