Guide To Overcoming Objections

Don't Argue – Show Respect – Have Empathy – Smile
Be Persistent – Show Sincerity – Be Enthusiastic

It is true in all areas of selling that 20% of the sales people make 80% of the sales. Why? Just being in sales is not enough. Your success in sales depends on your enthusiasm, habits, attitudes, commitment, dedication and preparation. When you are not willing to give 100% in all these areas, you will either muddle up your presentations and/or over pressure your prospects. You need to present yourself and your company in a professional manner, while helping all the guests you talk with have better health and fitness by enrolling in a fitness program.

To be able to do your job effectively, you have to study, practice, make notes, listen to your peers, and role-play. Once you have a complete understanding of this guide and have put in the time and effort to learn the rebuttals and systems contained herein, you will find many new successes and enjoy increased earnings, advancement, and personal satisfaction. You will look forward to each new presentation with enthusiasm.

After you ask a closing question and your prospect raises an objection, break down your reaction into four continuous steps:

1.  LISTEN to the entire objection – question areas for clarification.
2.  EMPATHIZE – acknowledge their point of view.
3.  EXPLAIN your side – use the information in "Breaking Down Common Objections" and the "Key Phrases".
4.  CLOSE again – use one of the "Seven Basic Closing Techniques" you are going to memorize.

Never antagonize your prospect. A new membership is never achieved by an argument.

Breaking Down Common Objections:


This is usually a stall; you need to ask them what about. You may find the true objection is something else, like time, money, etc.

As you discover the true objection, you may have to break it down as follows:

1.  Your health choices are personal – what you need may not be the same as what someone else needs.
2.  No one else can take care of you but you.
3.  No friend wants you to have poor health and be out of condition.
4.  What you do now determines how you will look and feel five years from now.
5.  If you could do it on your own, you would have done it a long time ago. You need professional guidance and to be surrounded by people with similar goals.


This is a stall. Ask them what they want to think about. If they do not come up with a true objection, then they are not sold. You should:

1.  Remind them of their goals.
2.  Tell them that what they do now will determine how they will look and feel five years from now.
3.  Remind them that the people you’ve encountered who don't join when they’re there rationalize that they will do it at a later date, but never do.


Ask them which ones, and then you can relate what the other clubs are like and their prices. You can sell them on the benefits of this club and how our services and amenities are superior.

You must shop the other clubs in your area, so you know what they look like, how their staff relates, and what their prices are.


Use comparisons to get them to see that $[39.00] per month for improved health and fitness plus increased energy is very inexpensive.

1.  Explain how people spend millions in preparation for dying: They buy life insurance, death insurance, accident insurance, and even burial plots. But, how much do they spend to stay alive and healthy?
2.  Show them how expensive it would be to buy equipment for home use and point out that they would not be getting professional supervision and all the motivation our members and club have to offer.
3.  Compare our memberships with any private lessons, such a music, self-defense, dancing, etc., taken two or three times per week and show that those would easily cost $100.00 to $150.00 per month.


Show them stability:

1.  The owner of our clubs has a combined history of more than thirty years in the fitness industry.
2.  This is a guaranteed membership, which allows you to pay monthly dues. If we do not provide the facilities and services for you, then we are breaking the contract and you are no longer obligated.  


"Mrs. Brown, many times we work hand-in-hand with doctors. They frequently send people to us. If there is anything wrong with you, we can work around the problem until the time you are able to do more."


"That is fine, Mrs. Brown. You can start your exercise program whenever you wish, and I guarantee your membership time will not begin until your first visit. The only thing is –we should get this paper work out of the way now, so you can take advantage of this price, instead of waiting until later when it may cost you more."


1.  Remind them that they said earlier that our hours would fit into their schedule.
2.  Tell them there are 168 hours in a week, and all we need is two.
3.  Convince them that, by being in better condition, they will be able to accomplish more and feel better during the time they’re not here, too.

Success is not accidental, so practice, practice and practice.

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