Control with Questions “YES” It Really Works

Through reading numerous books on communication and field-testing hundreds of techniques, a few fundamental patterns have become very apparent in the fitness industry and in the business world. If you have ever been on an interview, or at a networking event, you may have noticed some of these social patterns as well. Control with questions is a valuable communication skill, a skill that can make a major difference in the outcome of what you are trying to accomplish.

Before getting involved in an interaction with someone, ask yourself a couple of questions:

1.  How can you make people feel important upon meeting them for the first time? (Show a sincere interest in them.)

2.  Are you trying to sound interesting or truly interested in them? (This is very important.)

3.  How can you stand out without knowing what they expect of you? (Product knowledge)
By realizing that most people are very similar and possess some fundamental qualities by which you can appeal to them, you will be able to stand out and excel in your interactions. Remember, it never hurts to pay attention to people, to compliment them, or to highlight their strong suits.

A properly placed question can showcase your intelligence, product knowledge, and interest in the person, as well as direct the conversation toward your intended outcome.

Appeal To All Senses – When interacting with someone, ask questions that appeal to all their senses. This will make you more interesting and, most importantly, memorable.

Be Sincere, Be Interested – If you are going to ask questions, it will help if you have a sincere interest in the person. Not being sincere and faking interest could very well be taken as an insult.

Pay Attention – If you are interested in crafting brilliant follow-up questions, then this is a crucial step. Use what the person says to steer the conversation deeper into whatever direction you like. It's okay to take notes along the way.

Ask Open-Ended Questions – If your goal is to keep the person talking and open up to you, then ask questions that require more than just a yes or no.

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