What Did You Do Right?

The month is over, and you’re tallying up your thoughts. And you’re starting to smile. All month long, the indicators and reports looked a bit stronger than usual -- now, as the sales and commissions add up, your smile becomes a laugh, then whoop! It’s the best month you’ve ever had.

But why? How? What did you do differently? What did you do better? What did you do right? If you knew the formula, you’d bottle it and. . . on second thought, you’d probably keep it to yourself! I wish I could tell you that I’ve discovered that sure-fire, never-miss prescription for guaranteeing better results on a regular basis, but I can’t. But, of course, some days will always outshine others; some customers will always be more generous and kind than others. If there really were such a formula, the only thing it would guarantee is that everyone would be knocking at your door and asking how you do it.

However, I can tell you that in the course of compiling this article, I’ve spoken to many outstanding owners and fitness professionals who indeed do use conscious and unconscious “tricks of the trade” to boost their production and membership base. And why not? But when it’s all said and done, it’s about relationships.

Every individual interviewed for this article was at the top of their game -- whether or not they were making the fitness industry their career. And the element that proved their professionalism appeared early in each conversation:

“Make the customer as happy as possible, no matter what, whatever it takes.” That’s the way it was phrased by one young man, a personal trainer for seven years now working his way through business school (and already wondering if business will give him the same kick -- and the same monetary reward! -- as being a trainer gives him). But his “formula” was echoed practically verbatim by each of the others as the Number-One Fundamental for getting ahead and being successful.

Along the way, other, more specific ideas were proposed -- so read on. But keep in mind that first rule. It is the basis for everything else.

“The Importance of Being Earnest” That’s the title of a play by Oscar Wilde, but it should be your philosophy when interacting and servicing customers. It pays off.
“People can sense insincerity in a second,” says the same personal trainer who framed the Number-One Fundamental. “If you’re insincere, they, the member, feel like they’re putting you out, inconveniencing you by asking for the service they paid for. And that makes them feel uncomfortable. Uncomfortable people don’t come back to ask for help -- especially if you’re the one who’s made them uncomfortable.” And on top of that, they spread the word to family and friends.

Of course, good fitness professionals and trainers all have a bit of “actor” in them, but the trait is based on a genuine caring about people. “It’s a people business, pure and simple,” says a long-time manager who works at a small, popular fitness chain. “I bend over backwards to give them my best because I really do want them to enjoy themselves - that’s what being a member of a fitness facility is all about!” I couldn’t agree more.

So, what does a fitness facility do to ensure they have the very best possible chance for success? Be better than the competition by doing things right and understanding the relationship they have with their customers. Believe Me - It’s that simple.

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