Talking Too Much

A common problem in membership sales – and one of the most easily corrected – is talking too much.

Don’t drag out your presentation after the prospect is mentally ready to join …close the sale and shut-up.  Further talking will reduce the chance of a successful sale.  The prospect may lose interest, become bored and impatient.  While you are talking, the prospect might drift off and get second thoughts about joining.

It is also important to stay tight-lipped when you attempt to close the sale.  A cardinal rule of closing is – once you ask a closing question; do not utter another word until the prospect responds.  If the prospect does not respond immediately, it is tempting to “sell them some more.”  And that’s a big mistake.  You might talk yourself right out of the sale.  Before you “sell them some more,” let the prospect answer your question.

Remember, when you ask a closing question, you are asking someone to part with their hard earned money …it may take a moment for them to decide – so be patient.

If they have a legitimate objection, you need to have the skills to overcome it. Remember, 20 percent of your guests will join without asking too many questions, 60 percent will join if you can overcome their objections, and 20 percent won’t join at all.

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