It’s Pretty Embarrassing Out There

How many businesses are you aware of that do not depend on sales to produce income? As you consider this question, remember that marketing and sales take on many different forms, therefore your employees need to be trained and coached. You’d be surprised on how many clubs we’ve called on this past year, and found many front desk staff are clueless about what you are trying to promote or what their job responsibilities really are.

It especially hurts when considering what it costs simply to get each prospect through the front door. It’s high time that all key people in your club have the sales skills necessary to convert an inquiring prospect into an active member, dues-paying member. Start this process by having sales training sessions for your staff. Let them know what their job is and how to do it effectively. Equip them with the proper back-up materials, forms, flyers, brochures, rate sheets, membership applications and so forth. But most of all, make sure they’re equipped with the proper selling skills and are well informed.

The fitness industry will routinely experience cycles where members literally flow into the clubs as if it were high tide; and other sparse times when we’d give anything to get a prospect. Every potential member is of great value to your club. When the prospect becomes a member, he or she will spend money in your club. They’ll bring in other members. They’ll bring in guests that pay guest fees. They’ll pay for their dues and many other ancillary items as well.

Fact: Sales is the highest paying hard working job, or sales is the lowest paying easy working job. As an owner and manager, remember . . . you get what you pay for . . . so hire the right people.

There exists no question that each and every guest and member is singularly important to the overall picture of your operation, so stop watching this happen and give your staff the proper training, tools and resources so they can make it happen.

If you look around your club, you’ll probably find that the best salesperson on your staff is also the most knowledgeable. Take note when these people sell memberships or other programs. Watch some of the things that happen because of their intimate knowledge of the club:

1. Enthusiasm is generated. 2. Confidence is developed. 3. Fear and uncertainty is pushed aside. 4. Both buyer and seller are developing personal satisfaction, because both know what’s going on. 5. Objections are properly handled and controlled with questions.

Your staff should know their club backwards and forwards. Your staff should know the benefits a prospect will reap as member. In short, your staff should know everything about the product they’re selling.

Here’s Eight Top Reasons Why Your Salespeople Fail

1. Not Making Enough Calls – You can’t close people you don’t call on. Remember, your competition is happy to make the extra effort.

2. Not Listening – Your understanding of your guest’s unique needs will not increase by you talking. Sound interested in them, not interesting.

3. Not Starting Every Day with a Plan – Set goals for each day and each week. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

4. Not Asking Them to Join Often Enough – Failing to ask for them to join is the same as asking for failure. Few guests buy on the first closing attempt. Ask for the sale several times on each presentation.

5. Negatively Prejudging the Guest’s Ability to Buy – If you imagine that your guest won’t buy, you’re developing a self-fulfilling prophecy. Ask questions and check the facts but never discount the sale!

6. Not Dealing with the Guest’s Objections Head On – When a guest has an objection, welcome it as a question that you are happy to answer. Objections are often buying signals in disguise!

7. Lack of Focus on Priorities – Staff with a clear focus on the most important and most urgent tasks will always get better results than staff who allow themselves to get side-tracked.

8. Not Asking Questions Knowing the Answer Will Be “YES” – More yes’s mean more sales. Knowing how to ask the right questions in the right way to make customers want to buy is a key step!

9. Failure to Work Harder and Smarter – Staff who are willing to work harder and smarter will always win. Staff who quit early should be asked to leave your employment.

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