References . . . You Bet!

Requesting references from job applicants should be a standard hiring practice in the health and fitness industry, particularly in large organizations with dedicated HR departments. But is it worthwhile for a smaller operation? You better believe it! Checking professional references for your potential employees can mean the difference between a bad hire and a perfect fit for your company.

Most hiring managers request at least one reference from job candidates, though getting a reference from a current employer or supervisor can be a sensitive request to make of job applicants.

Should you decide to check references, you should develop a standard list of questions to ask. That ensures that you gather similar information from each candidate—and that you avoid sensitive subjects that could lead to a discrimination claim. Reference checks should focus strictly on an applicant’s qualifications for your open position. Do not ask a reference to answer background questions regarding:
  • Race or national origin
  • Sex or physical characteristics
  • Medical conditions or disability
  • Marital status, pregnancies or family size
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