Think Again. . .

Being in the health and fitness industry isn’t always filled with rainbows and unicorns. Most business owners and entrepreneurs find themselves up against a rock and a hard place – the lack of time, money, confusion, uncertainty, and frustration all play into your daily challenges. Nevertheless. . . 

Having a (Fitness Industry) specific Employee Handbook is one of the most important communication tools you can have between your company and your employees. Not only does it set forth your expectations for employees, but it also describes what they can expect from the company.

If you're one of the fitness facilities without an Employee Handbook, and with employee lawsuits on the rise in 2017, you can't wait any longer to establish effective communications with your employees. Just one lawsuit could be enough to close your doors. If you think your insurance company will stand behind you, think again.

Have You Ever Been Asked This Question; Hey boss, why don't we have an employee handbook?

A properly written Employee Handbook can protect employers by clearly stating the policies and procedures that can prevent liability. If an employee has a dispute with his employer, they may try to use the employee handbook as leverage to prove deficiency on employer’s part. Courts may also consider an employee handbook to be a binding contract, even if the employment relation is at-will. A well-structured handbook can protect both the employee and the employer as it set forth certain rules and structures whenever an issue arises.

What’s your policy on:
*  Pay procedures?
*  Benefits, sick leave, and holidays?
*  Meal and rest breaks?
*  Personal conduct? (Work rules)
*  Attendance and punctuality?
*  Sexual and other forms of harassment?
*  Termination and much more?

Through a recent survey of health and fitness professionals, an alarming statistic has emerged. Sixty three percent (63%) of all respondents indicated that they didn't have an Employee Handbook in place! (We hope this group has a good attorney on board should a problem arise.)

Every business wants to have their policies in place, and wants to create an employee handbook that clearly communicates their workplace policies. Nevertheless, where do you start?

As you know, putting together an Employee Handbook takes a great deal of time and effort. To create a clear concise employee handbook in a business, you need to understand what an Employee Handbook should include.

Whether you're new to the fitness industry or a seasoned veteran, don’t put this daunting task off any longer.

With over forty years in the fitness industry, we understand there are many tasks and challenges you don’t enjoy. If your company is in need of an Employee Handbook, give us a call at 925-672-4800, we can help. Your new Employee Handbook will give both you and your employee’s peace of mind as it sets forth your expectations for employees, and describes what they can expect from your company.

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