Ideas For Following Up On Trials Visits

•  When working the front desk, have your staff ask (trial visits and promotional) members if they need help with their program, how things are going and pull their exercise program card if needed.

•  Always make (trial visits and promotional) members aware of when discount offer will expire.

•  Keep a sharp lookout on the conditioning floor for (trial visits and promotional) program cards and offer your services to the guest.

•  Explain the benefits and results the guest will receive by participating in a fitness program. Ask questions about what they are planning to do when their trial visit is over.

Fact: Surveys indicate that businesses can convert first time customers into regular customers in most cases, if those customers are treated like VIP's and receive superior value and service. Of course, if they receive poor quality products and/or services, they will never come back. Treating customers correctly is the key, and this alone will determine if they will share their positive experience with family and friends.

In a marketing situation whereby you are offering your products or services at a substantial discount, train your staff to focus on a concept called up-selling. This means that everyone on your staff should be trained to make suggestions for additional services and products to the customer.

Remember, the success of any business and/or advertising program is dependent on staff who are face-to-face with the customers each and every day. So look beyond the obvious, and plan for success by implementing a few of the points above.

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