Under New Management - Now What?

So you bought a new gym and now you want to put your mark(eting) imprint on it. . .Don't put that “UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT” sign up quite yet.

If you still have a solid client base (and we hope you purchased in part based on their strong client base i.e. DOLLARS), chances are they were okay with the old management.  There might be some clients you are trying to woo back who were not thrilled with the way the gym was run, but the greatest potential for new business are those who really don't care about the management old or new!

Marketing is about your product/service portfolio and the value proposition of each offering.  

Your existing client base joined the facility for a variety of reasons:

* Location
* Facility (clean, showers, pool)
* Equipment
* Variety of classes
* Caliber of Staff
* Other services (babysitting, massage, nutritional counseling)

In making the choice, they weigh each of the variables and place a monetary value on their experience.  Avoid making changes to the business model that may alienate your current client base.

Here are some guidelines on how you can manage change while building YOUR brand.

1. Don't be an absentee owner.  Spend time getting to know your clients/members.  Depending on the size of your new business, you should know them enough to ask a one pertinent question about their life.  How is your new grandson, did you get that job you wanted, did you relax on your vacation . . . you get the idea. 

2. Do some research.  It is easy to set up a questionnaire through survey monkey and send out to your client/member base.  This will allow you to: 

Understand what is working and what is not.

If you do want to make changes to your products/services this will allow them to provide input and will be easier to get buy in.

It shows you are interested in them and value their membership.

3. Get to know your staff and appreciate their relationships with the clients/members.  You might have a buddy that teaches a killer Boot Camp and can't wait to bring him/her in.  But chances are, your clients have already bonded with their own boot camp instructor AND if that person leaves . . . so might the class.

4. Once you have done your homework, you can get creative and have fun!  Develop buzz about what is new and have a killer promotion behind it.  There are so many promotional possibilities but here are a few jump starter ideas.
* Have grand opening with prizes and games include workshops around new services and share your vision.
* Create a contest . . . boot camp marathon, "try"atholon, best dog workouts (yes people love to show off their pooches).
* Promote from outside.  Have a street fair in your parking lot (check insurance).  Invite local vendors to participate.  Capitalize on the buy local movement.
* Create a club challenge, free membership for getting the most likes on Facebook, bringing in the most friends, or starting your own small group training.

Buying a new business can be exciting, exhilarating and a little scary.  To take the uneasy part out of it, remember slow and steady brand building wins the race.

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