Don’t Be Clueless

It never ceases to amaze me when talking to business owners about marketing and advertising they always complain about their response rate and not the person that prepared the marketing message. Why the consistent remarks, I wondered? Was it because they didn’t understand the basics, or were they just too thickheaded to understand how branding and advertising work?

In today’s market place, businesses want instant results to their marketing campaigns, but seem to forget that branding and advertising are just like dating. Yes, dating! When you start dating you get to know the person over time, don’t you? That’s the same approach that should be taken with consumers when you are trying to introduce your products and services to them.

Businesses have to constantly and consistently put their name out there. Show their audience they’re alive. So run the flag up the pole and let them know you are there.

Why Is Branding Your Business Important? Branding will always be an integral part of a successful business plan. Branding allows your company to introduce itself and allows the consumers in your area to get to know your company and everything that comes with it. Business branding does not present just the products, services, and location of the company, but also establishes an image of the business as a whole. The positive image you create for your business will create a lasting recall for the consumers in your area.

People generally buy products and services for two reasons:

1. They need to solve problems. (Practical)

2. They want to feel good. (Emotional)

A solid branding strategy is your answer to helping your customers satisfy each of those two reasons. Give life to your business. People embrace positive thoughts, so create encouraging branding phrases. Messages similar to “You can do it,” or “You too can change”. Customer recall is one of the chief reasons your business brand is so vital. It creates customer preference for your products and services over your competition’s.

All businesses are, or should be, marketing organizations. The problem is most businesses put the proverbial cart before the horse. The cart is advertising; the horse is the branding. When consumers realize a need, the horse has already told them who you are, what products and services you have for them, and where your business is located.

So there you have it, a quick snapshot on branding and marketing.