Co-Op Advertising

It’s no secret that every dollar spent on advertising must count.

It’s a secret that there’s free advertising money out there that’s not being taken advantage of.

Co-op advertising is a method by which suppliers such as racquet companies help get their products sold by the retail outlet; clubs in this case. Not all companies have a co-op policy, but the ones that do will be glad to supply you with a copy of their co-op advertising plan. Usually the plan will give you a rebate on either your gross sales of their product, or a percentage of your advertising dollar spent on their products.

The best way to start taking advantage of this free advertising money is to:

1. Write or call your supplier and request information regarding their co-op advertising plan.

2. Study the plan to find out if and how you qualify. Paying attention to detail here will be very important.

3. Before you count on their contribution to your advertising program, check out your plan with the supplier to see if your assumptions are correct and then proceed.

Many club owners have not taken advantage of the program because suppliers really don’t push or emphasize it, therefore, it’s not common knowledge. Conventional wisdom says such programs are generally for high-volume buyers only, or they feel it’s too complicated to get involved in. For the most part, however, none of these are true. For you not to take advantage of this possible opportunity is like passing up free money. If you find you don’t qualify due to volume restrictions, try to band together with other clubs or local organizations.
Organizations such as the Northwest Racquetball & Recreation Association, the New England Racquet Sports Association, the Southern California Racquetball Association, the Montana Racquetball Association and others are all very active in their areas. Some leadership assistance from these associations could assist the efforts of their member clubs towards co-op advertising.

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