The Referral – The Easy Way

Would you like to expose your club to hundreds, quite possibility thousands of new customers? Here is an easy low cost and effective way to do it within seconds. (Fitness plus Friends = $$$)

Referral Poster
Look at the sample to the left and design a poster that fits your club and your needs. The beauty of the poster is its low cost, which allows you to change it often. Why not create an offer for winter, spring, summer, and fall, and rotate the offers throughout the year.

Here's how it works:

1. As your Membership Directors begin the referral presentation they turn to a wall were you have hung the referral poster. (This is normally done after the sale is consummated.)

2. They proceed by explaining how your Fitness plus Friends referral program works, e.g. "Mr. Smith, every time an friend or family member brings in a picture of the poster with the special offer on their smart phone, and joins on one of our regular memberships, you will receive a $50.00 Visa Gift Card." 
3. After confirming the new member want to participate in the referral program, the Membership Director takes out a dry erase marker and puts the new members name on the poster, and includes an expiration date on the poster.
4. They then ask the new member to take out their smart phone and take a picture of the poster.

5. They then ask the new member to send the picture out to all of their contacts through all of their social media networks, e.g. Facebook. Twitter, etc., and inform them of the special offer. It's as simple as that.  

The offer can be switched around throughout the year, e.g. Winter - Three Free Personal Training Sessions, Spring - Two Weeks Free, Summer - One Month Free, Fall - 14 Days Free. 

In addition, the referral price can be changed around, e.g. $25.00 Visa Gift Card, Gym Bag, T-Shirt, Sweatshirt, or Credit at the Juice Bar. The choice is yours.

You can also offer your existing members the same referral prizes by referring one of their friends. To help launch your referral program to existing members, having all your staff wear a name tags that says " Ask Me How You Can Win A $50.00 Visa Gift Card." Once the members inquire, walk them over to your poster and explain how the referral program works. It's as simple as that.

The referral poster can be used in any department within your club. Think about the opportunities with Personal Training or Group Fitness classes. We even have one club using the poster to increase awareness in their swim lesson program. You are only limited by your imagination.

Important notes: Make sure that you have a blank line to put an expiration date on the poster. Do it with a blank line so it is easy to change without creating a new poster. The expiration date should be 3 to 4 weeks out, so to create a sense of urgency.

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