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After being in the fitness industry for over 40 years, the professionals at GFA e-Marketing have always felt there is a better way for the fitness industry to get its advertising message out to consumers in their relevant market areas, and now the marketing tool to achieve this is available. GFA e-Marketing has secured the rights to this technology and is making this unique opportunity available to fitness professionals in the United States, and Canada.

This new technology puts the power of zip code-targeted email marketing in the hands of every fitness professional wanting to attract new customers to their business, regardless of their advertising budget. GFA’s email database is the largest in the nation, totaling over 250 million emails. It includes 100% opt-in subscribers and is updated daily. GFA e-Marketing has created a unique opportunity for all fitness professionals wanting to advertise in their local market areas. You can now attract more fitness-minded people to your business for just a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. When compared to Direct Mail, GFA e-Marketing gives you three times better results at 1/10 of the cost.

Report: The DMA Response Report

Advertising Comparison

There’s more and more research that indicates that email advertising will continue to trend upward, as more traditional forms of advertising trend lower.

*        Newspaper circulations have been experiencing significant declines. The long decline in newspaper circulation over the years continues to accelerate, with sales in the spring and summer, falling almost 5 percent from the previous year, figures recently released in the New York Times show, deepening the financial strain on the industry.

*        Radio advertising effectiveness continues to decrease as more consumers listen to satellite radio in their cars. Estimates are that 35.6 million Americans will subscribe to a satellite radio service. Additionally, radio advertising is not locally targeted.

*        Consumers in about 30% of U.S. homes currently use TiVo or devices known as digital video recorders (DVR's) to skip commercials, according to Standard & Poor's Equity Research. Additionally, as with radio advertising, television advertising is not locally targeted.

*        Postage and telemarketing expenses continue to rise, limiting the amount of advertising with these mediums.

Now that we’ve done the research (I’m assuming that you’ve read to this point) you might want to consider letting GFA e-Marketing customize an email campaign to match your target audience regardless of the size of your budget. The program puts you in control of your advertising campaign – it’s easy to use, powerful, and cost effective.

It’s time to surrender to modern technology.

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