The Best Advice I Could Possibly Give

As we head into the New Year, you’ve got to be asking yourself, “Is there a better way to run my operation?” After being in the fitness industry for over 40 years, I’ve seen a lot of things – many that made me shake my head. Yes, there is a better way to do a lot of what we do on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. 
So, what’s my advice? Plain and simple, be the best you can.

Jim Rohn, a motivational speaker, once said, “You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.”

So if I‘ve got your attention, and you are open to new ideas, and ready to make a few changes in your operation, check out the following information and make it happen in 2015.

So, what does a fitness facility do to ensure they have the very best possible chance for success? Be better than the competition by doing things right. Following the pack is ok in the short run, but in the long run you’ll be running the race by yourself. It’s time to get creative, set yourself apart from the competition, the norm, and open your eyes to what’s going on around you.

Today, every university in the country, both public and private, provides its students with world-class fitness centers. This alone propels hundreds of thousands of graduates into fitness centers every year. In addition, the aging of that vast generation of Americans – the baby boomers – will increase the number of people who have a keen recognition of the benefits of exercise. These factors will have an enormous impact on the U.S. health club industry.

Many of you learned the hard way and have found that once the Grand Opening and Open House Party is over – the real work begins. Many of you believed you could sign a lease, open the doors, and business will take care of itself. Not true!

To ensure you have the very best possible chance for success when competing with recreation centers, colleges with world-class fitness centers, athletic clubs, and low price competition, you’ll need to team up with the best.

Be better than the others by joining a fitness trade association that will provide you with daily support and access to the resources and support you need, no matter how big or small your operation.

There are people who join trade associations and never receive the support they need. So what should you do to prevent this from happing to you? What does a fitness facility do to ensure they have the very best possible chance for success? Here is the answer. Don’t be fooled by all the glitz and glamour, expensive books, trade shows, magazines, and outrageous annual fees some fitness trade associations charge.

Align yourself with seasoned professionals who have been in the trenches, negotiated with the landlords, and designed the systems and forms, a trade association you can reach with a quick phone call or email.
You should be looking for a fitness trade association that can provide you with true benefits - benefits that you can measure.

This experience and expertise is available; you’ve just been looking in the wrong place and have quite possibly been spending your money to feel like you’re part of something bigger. Remember, bigger doesn’t always mean better.

If you’re not a member of a fitness trade association, you need to be . . . but with the right association.

If you are a member of a fitness trade association, ask yourself the following questions and decide if you are really benefiting. When was the last time you spoke to someone about your day-to-day challenges? Is the information you received prepared by a seasoned professional or by an employee who has never owned a business or been in the fitness industry? Do you get the impression that your association is more concerned about money rather than helping you? If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then guess what. You’re not benefiting! So start benefiting by contacting the right fitness trade association today.

Whether you're new to the fitness industry or a veteran, all of us need access to experts to discuss our special needs and challenges. Consultants in any field are a dime a dozen. But to find help and support from seasoned professionals, people who have been in the fitness industry for over forty years, that can be hard to come by.

Each of us contributes to the industry's success in our individual ways, but we also share a collective responsibility to "do the right thing" and reach out for help when we don’t have the answers. That’s where Global Fitness Association can help.

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