Do you have misconceptions about business Web sites?

These days having a business Web site is as important as passing out business cards. Unfortunately business owners often harbor false notions, including the following, about Web sites:

I don’t sell my product or service online. Why do I need a Web site? Say you’re in the business of auto maintenance. Although you don’t provide your actual service online, your Web site can be used to promote your business, educate potential clients, even provide testimonials from satisfied customers. And what if your firm changes locations? Revising a Web site is a lot simpler and cheaper than printing a fresh batch of glossy brochures.

If I set up a business Web site, I’ll be overwhelmed with orders. You may indeed find yourself deluged with sales (don't you wish), but it will probably take months, even years, of hard work before that happens. Competition on the Internet is fierce. Printing a stack of business cards doesn’t guarantee orders and sales. Neither does setting up a Web site

I should publish everything about my business on my homepage. Researchers estimate that you have from three to nine seconds to hook online customers. After that, they’ll click elsewhere. Make your homepage too cluttered and potential customers will become frustrated. Who wants to dig through a bunch of irrelevant stuff to get to your product information?

My Web site is up and running, so I can just sit back and wait for the orders to pour in. Not true. Even if you’re listed with one of the top search engines, it may take a long time for your firm to climb to the top of the search listing. In part that’s because search engines “index” sites, based on activity, design revisions, and other factors. So keeping your site up to date is crucial. It’s also important to employ more traditional methods of advertising in conjunction with your Internet Web site. Make sure your Web site address (URL) is listed on your business cards, phone book listings, newspaper ads, and street signage. The more people who know about your Web site, the more who will stop by for a visit.

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