Meet the Team

With over forty years in the fitness industry, we understand there are many tasks and challenges you don’t enjoy. Whether you're new to the fitness industry or a seasoned veteran, with our Executive Assistance and Consultation, you will have complete access to seasoned fitness professionals (40 years and counting) to discuss your special needs and/or daily challenges.

Our experience and expertise are now available to you.

Meet the Executive Team

Gary Hood
President / CEO
Gary has been actively involved in the health and fitness industry for over forty years. He is the owner and founder of, and Work Solutions, and serves as the President and CEO of Global Fitness Association. Born and raised in the State of California, he has an extensive background in all phases of development, design, sales, management, and marketing in recreation and leisure services, along with health and fitness facilities. In 1977, after graduating from Sacramento State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree, he began a career with Paris / LaLanne Inc. where, in 1980, he was instrumental in helping the company launch an expansion program that grew to seven health and fitness locations; five in northern California and two in Oregon. He supervised a staff of 185 spread out over seven locations.

In 1981, he founded the G/R Garon Corporation, where he was President and General Manager of five thriving health and fitness centers. Over the years, he has continually refined operational procedures through automation and technology. Through his leadership and vision, his company was one of the first to be approved by the Bank of America to receive their own ACH account, which allowed them to process membership dues electronically through their own custom-written software program. After 25 successful years, he sold the facilities to private individuals to pursue other opportunities.

For the past twelve years, he has also worked as a consultant for various fitness facilities as well as other types of businesses. His areas of expertise include lease negotiations, conflict resolutions, policies and procedures, forms, systems and reports, projections, forecasts, marketing, advertising, and sales.

He is currently devoting full time to his new venture, GFA, and is committed to assisting small to mid-sized fitness center owners with their everyday challenges.

If you have any questions, please call 925-672-4800.

Jim Phillips
CFO / Financial Consultant
Jim is a veteran and pioneer in the fitness industry. He has been involved in all aspects of the business, from development and design to sales, management, and marketing. His ownership and management of over 20 fitness facilities in the past 40 years are a tremendous asset.

As one of our senior consultants, Jim has been instrumental in the design and development of many of the documents and forms available through the website, along with the training material used for onsite and offsite consulting. He enjoys working with owners and managers of independent fitness centers who want to improve their entire business operations. His knowledge and vision of the industry are unsurpassed and recognized by many operations across the country.

His success formula starts with a well-laid business plan and budget. Next, come training and orientation while incorporating sales and motivational techniques for each and every staff member.

If you have any questions, please call 925-672-4800.

Gary Gresham
Senior Consultant
Gary's experience with customer satisfaction, sales, scheduling, budgeting, and training began with the family business at the age of 17. His Bachelor of Science degree from San Jose State University and Masters's degree from San Francisco State University in Business Administration has helped him understand and resolve the many challenges that face independent and small business owners.

Having worked for the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), Gary has interacted with thousands of small business owners, allowing him to assist the owners with all types of problems centering around their day-to-day operations, including advertising, marketing, budget preparations, public relations, and the hiring and firing of staff.

He was instrumental in the development of the GFA web page, giving careful consideration to many of the functions and features that the end-user would experience. As a valued member of the GFA Team, he enjoys consulting, coaching, and training, and has worked with various fitness facilities on the west coast for the past twenty years.

If you have any questions, please call 925-672-4800.

Meet the Management and Marketing Executive Team

Mark Davis
After some 40 years serving the health club industry, Mike Chaet, aka The Club Doc, has decided it is time to slow down and stay closer to home. He has handed off the white coat and latex gloves to Mark Davis and Bryan Dugger, his long-time partners and fellow Lifetime Master Certified Consultants.

Mark is not a newcomer to CMS or the club industry; he has been with CMS since 1981 and before that worked with European Health Spas. He has turned into one of the industry’s great trainers and consultants, presenting his sales and sales management training across the globe. Mark has been actively involved in the fitness industry for over forty years.

As President / CEO of Club Marketing & Management Services and CMS International, he has worked with consultants and clients throughout the world and brings a global perspective to today’s challenges. He is your experienced business partner in whatever problem or opportunity you encounter, 24/7. He has assisted thousands of club owners over the years, providing them with consulting services, marketing plans, and more.

If you have any questions, please call 925-672-4800.

Bryan Dugger
After some 40 years serving the health club industry, Mike Chaet, aka The Club Doc, has decided it is time to slow down and stay closer to home. He has handed off the white coat and latex gloves to Mark Davis and Bryan Dugger, his long-time partners and fellow Lifetime Master Certified Consultants. Bryan Dugger will take over the business operations of CMS and provide business management consulting for CMS clients.

Bryan, a former certified public accountant, owned and managed his own 100,000 sq. ft. club for 27 years. He became one of Mike’s original clients shortly after taking over as manager of his club and quickly became an advisor to CMS. He has blended his financial and accounting training and practical club management skills to become a unique asset to the CMS team.

Bryan became a shareholder in CMS in 2000. He has a great team of regional consultants serving you throughout the world who specialize in management consulting, financial consulting, sales training and management, club management systems and tools, club resources, and marketing plans.

He is the President and CFO of Club Marketing & Management. He knows what works and what it takes to make your club a winner.

If you have any questions, please call 925-672-4800.